Welcome to Dover Solo.

At this site, you can find advice on swimming with tips, training app, pool finder, and stories about swimming.

In Coach’s Corner on a weekly basis, you will find comments from Marcia Cleveland on swimming. These will include tips for both open water and pool swimmers, with special callouts for triathlon swimming.

About the Coach…

Marcia is consulting swim instructor and currently the Aquatics Director for Vision Quest, a triathlon training club.

Marcia is an experienced coach and a world class swimmer. She is a level four certified USA Swim Coach and currently holds the world record for the open water swimming Triple Crown with the fastest combined time for the English Channel, Manhattan Island, and Catalina swims for both men and women.

Marcia teaches both adults and kids how to swim, triathletes how to drop time, and open water aspirants how to prepare for big events.

Marcia’s training programs have been automated in her Swim Fit App to provide swimmers with customized training programs with both workouts and yardage plans.

She has also written the popular Dover Solo, read by many first time English Channel swimmers.