Marcia Cleveland is the Coach behind and Curator of this Site.

World-renowned open-water marathon swimmer Marcia Cleveland looks like your next door neighbor. However, with numerous marathon swims to her credit, she has become one of the world’s top advisors, coaches, and organizers for open water swimming. Her book, Dover Solo: Swimming the English Channel, is the story behind the swim: the process, her preparation, motivation and training. It has become “The Bible” of Channel Swimming, a must-read for aspiring marathon swimmers.

As one of the early members of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, Marcia has the combined fastest overall time in these three swims: English Channel (9:44), Catalina Channel (8:56), and Manhattan Island (5:57.) Her Manhattan Island swim is a women’s American Record. She has earned accolades as a United States Masters Swimming (USMS) multiple All-American, All-Star, and Age-group Record Holder. She served as both the USMS National Long Distance Committee Chairperson and Vice-Chair for 8 years, along with several other USMS national committees, and has received the USMS Service Award for contribution to the organization.

She is the Director of Swimming for VisionQuest Coaching and also provides leadership throughout the swimming community on all aspects of open water swimming, long distance swimming and marathon swimming. She has written several articles on a variety of swimming topics and conducts Open Water Swim Clinics throughout the US.

What motivates Marcia to coach a spectrum of swimmers ranging from successful English Channel Swimmers to anxious novices? “I love to help athletes achieve their goals, whatever size these goals may be and however long it may take to get there. It makes my day when an athlete says, “I DID IT!” and are so pleased with themselves. To get to this point, I design distinctive programs that allows an individual to fulfill his or her own potential while maintaining life balance. Getting athletes comfortable then self-assured in Open Water is also a major motivator to my coaching. It’s so fun to see someone make that leap in confidence.”  Accompanying her coaching talent is her uncanny ability to tell it like it is, not like you want to it be, often delivered in a humorous, quirky manner.

Marcia is also the Coach behind the SwimFitApp workout system, where the workouts custom fit individual swimmers objectives, speeds and lifestyles.

Marcia lives in suburban Chicago with her husband, Mark Green, and their two incredibly active children. She is available for coaching.